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Farsi Nevis (فارسی نویس)

Farsi Nevis Mobile App: Effortless Farsi Typing, Elevated Features Await!

Farsi Nevis Logo
Key Features:
🌐 Streamlined design for easy use
🔄 Automatic transliteration from English to Farsi
📱 Universal keyboard compatible with all your apps
🌍 Full text translation to various languages
(Supported languages: English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, German, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Swedish, Chinese)
🎨 Customize your keyboard with vibrant themes
📋 Clipboard functionality for swift access
#️⃣ Number row for quick numeric input
😊 Emoji support for expressive communication
🔄 In - app converter for handling large text volumes

Download now for a seamless Farsi typing experience! Your gateway to effortless communication awaits.
Download on the AppStore
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Automatic conversion as you type!


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Farsi Nevis keyboard is a tap away


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Works in all apps


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Full keyboard with Emojis