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Clipboard Feature in Farsi Nevis

Farsi Nevis offers a convenient Clipboard feature that empowers users to create and manage a list of clips for later use with the keyboard extension. This feature enhances productivity and efficiency by allowing users to store frequently used phrases, sentences, or any other text snippets for quick access. Here's a guide on how to utilize the Clipboard feature within Farsi Nevis:

How to Use the Clipboard Feature

1. Open Farsi Nevis Application

Launch the Farsi Nevis app on your device.

2. Access Clipboard Settings

Navigate to the Clipboard section within the Farsi Nevis app.

3. Add Clips to Clipboard

  • To add a clip, simply copy any text as you normally would.
  • Tap the "Add" or "+" button to save the copied text as a clip.

4. Manage Clips

  • View and manage your clips in the Clipboard section.
  • Edit, delete, or organize clips based on your preferences.

5. Paste Clips with Keyboard Extension

When typing using the Farsi Nevis keyboard extension:

  • From the toolbar, select "Clipboard."
  • Choose the desired clip to paste it instantly.

Benefits of the Clipboard Feature

  • Quick Access: Instantly access frequently used text snippets.
  • Efficient Typing: Streamline your typing workflow with stored clips.
  • Customization: Manage and organize your clips for a personalized experience.

The Clipboard feature in Farsi Nevis is a valuable tool for users who want to streamline their typing experience and have quick access to commonly used text snippets.